Trudeau must apologize for SNC-Lavalin interference

Re: 'Trudeau breached Conflict of Interest Act, says ethics commissioner', Aug. 14, 2019

After the federal ethics commissioner Mario Dion has ruled was improper political influence in the SNC-Lavalin scandal, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he “can’t apologize” although he takes full responsibility for his actions. “I can’t apologize for standing up for Canadian jobs,” he said when asked about the report.

The federal ethics commissioner found Trudeau and his staff broke the rules repeatedly over the course of several months in which they pressured former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould to help the Quebec firm avoid a criminal trial.

It is also interesting to note that last year, the Liberals changed the law to introduce a legal mechanism called a deferred prosecution agreement after heavy lobbying from SNC-Lavalin. 

But is it really jobs or is it about getting re-elected for another majority term on October 21?

It will be recalled that Trudeau, in a divulged conversation with Ms. Wilson‑Raybould, said that he needs to be re-elected in his political area. Dion said Trudeau also improperly pushed Wilson-Raybould to consider partisan political interests in the matter, concluding that the prime minister and his staff “viewed the matter chiefly through a political lens to manage a legal issue” – despite Trudeau’s protestations to the contrary.

Justin has to consider that Quebec, where SNC-Lavalin holds its headquarters, has the second largest number of seats (75 seats) in the House of commons. He also knows that to get re-elected and gain majority, you have to win in Quebec.

If Trudeau's decisions are really driven by Canadian jobs, why is he not fighting for the jobs being lost in Alberta's oil and gas Industry, which is way more than the 10,000 or so jobs related to SNC-Lavalin? Is it because Alberta only has 21 seats? 

— Alan Yu is new Canadian and will be voting for the first time in a Canadian Federal Election on October 21.

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