Mother of young twins takes on workout challenge during cancer treatment

Even through bouts of radiation, chemotherapy, and taking care of her four sons (including two young twin boys), Erica Toews still finds time to work out.

While the Charlie Lake resident just recently completed her last round of radiation and will continue to take chemo pills five times a month for the next year, she’s also decided to tackle another challenge this month: Workout to Conquer Cancer.

Erica is breaking a sweat every day this month and fundraising in support of the BC Cancer Foundation to fuel the latest cancer research breakthroughs and enhancements to patient care for other British Columbians facing this disease.

Her firsthand experience with cancer has given her a newfound outlook on life.

“I lost so much hair, weight and time with my family but I gained so much perspective and appreciation for life that I’ll never be the same,” Erica says. “Life is beautiful.”

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— Melissa Rottare, BC Cancer Foundation

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