Letters: Time for the West to take control of its economic destiny

Re: 'B.C. tanker-ban, environment assessment bills scale final hurdle in Senate', Alaska Highway News, June 20, 2019

Bill C-48 is nothing but an economic sabotage of Alberta's economy. This bill landlocks Alberta's and Saskatchewan's oil, the third largest oil reserve in the world.

Why would the feds ban oil tankers in the west but not in the eastern shores of Canada? The pristine fishing grounds of the east can also use the protection as stated in Bill C-48. Is it because the oil tankers in the east bring in the oil requirement of the east? Someone should propose a similar tanker ban bill in the east as a test case for Bill C-48's fairness across all of Canada.

The selective tanker ban in the west is a reflection of under representation of the west in Ottawa. It is unfortunate that Ontario and Quebec comprise more than 60% of Canadian voters and House of Commons. This results in the small voice for the west, Canada's economic giants. Something is indeed wrong in Canada if an area's resources is held back by political representation.

I guess it is ripe for the west to determine its own economic destinies unhampered by the rest of Canada. And don't get me started on how the west finances the rest of Canada's Equalization Fund.

Canada's oil exports will not increase the world's demand for oil. The world's demand for oil exist amidst the availability of other cleaner sources of energy and is not created here in Canada. Canadian oil export means that Canada benefits from sale of the gift mother nature has given us

Locally, C-48 would affect our ability to export our natural gas liquids. Good thing it allows LNG tankers.

— Alan Yu, Fort St. John

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