Letters: Front page Pride photo inappropriate

Concerning the caption below the main picture on the front cover of the June 6 edition: It introduces a child and then introduces the second as the first's partner. Partners could be a pair of people engaged together in the same activity, but the context suggests that they are members of an established unmarried couple.

This is problematic. It is very inappropriate to imply and/or advertise grade nine student's sexual partnership on the front cover of a newspaper. These are children aged 14-15 years old. They are not allowed to have a driver's license or to purchase alcohol. They can't vote or own firearms. They are minors. They are not entrusted with care and control in most areas of life, yet their immature and childish alleged sexual relations are presented in public media.

Please be more careful what you present and endorse.

— Gerald Giesbrecht, Fort St. John

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