Jeff Richert: Fort St. John drivers like staring at their crotches


Ever wondered what the stick-like object on the left hand side of your steering wheel is? That’s the device used to turn on something called a turn signal. Turn signals are used to notify everyone else on the road of your intention to turn right or left. I'm not sure how using such a device has become so difficult to utilize and yet here we are. Use your turn signal people.

How about driving down the road and watching someone hug that centre line like it was a long lost puppy? I call them Centre Line Huggers. I’m curious as to why people would rather snuggle up to oncoming traffic than use the extra five or six feet of road they have between their vehicle and shoulder. Maybe I could understand this during the winter months but a snow-filled ditch is a much happier alternative compared to a head on collision with a tanker truck.

I’m not sure what's up with railroad tracks and pickup trucks. Trucks are designed to take more of a beating compared to other vehicles, but why do people slam on their brakes when crossing the railroad tracks in Taylor? Live a little, truck owners, hit those tracks driving the speed limit; if you understand how to use a steering wheel you will be just fine.

Ever sit in a line of 30 vehicles watching a semi-truck passing another? This is always a fun experience. There is nothing better than sitting in a line of traffic watching a semi-truck trying to pass another semi-truck, only to back up traffic for what seems like a mile. Then, at the top of the hill, people race to get ahead of the lead semi and almost cause a multi-car pileup in the process. Thanks for that.

In order to successfully operate a motor vehicle, a number of physical acts are required. One such physical act that is not required when operating a motor vehicle is staring at your crotch. What is truly bizarre is how many people are driving around town and staring at their crotches. In reality, they're looking at their phones. If you need to look at your phone (crotch) while driving, you need to stop. It's mind boggling how many people are staring at their crotches these days and someone is going to die because of it. Pro tip: if you need to constantly check your phone while driving, you are an addict. Deal with the addiction.

School zones: they are designed to protect children — you know, our future. So, why is it that people speed through, blow stop signs, and ignore school bus signals in school zones? If you can't obey the rules in order to prevent something terrible happening to a child, then why are you even operating a motor vehicle in the first place? I’m all for excessive punishment for people who are repeat school zone traffic offenders — maybe a good old fashioned dose of public shaming is in order?

Call them anecdotes, call me crazy, disagree or agree, but I'm seeing the quality and competency of drivers in our region deteriorate. This isn’t about picking on new drivers or people taking care while driving. This is about people who have no respect for the other people on the road. 

All of the above was observed driving through the summer months, just wait until that first snowfall.

Jeff Richert lives in Taylor.

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