AltaGas expands LNG project in Dawson Creek

AltaGas Inc. is seeking approval to expand its proposed LNG plant in Dawson Creek.

The plant, announced in 2014, is seeking to add another 7,000 gallons to its licensed daily sales capacity of 20,000 gallons. If the Oil and Gas Commission (OGC) approves the expansion, the facility would be allowed to sell up to 102 cubic metres per day. Its intake will also grow, from a daily maximum of 66,500 cubic metres to 85,000.

The plant is the first piece of what AltaGas hopes will be a regional chain of small LNG facilities. It is aimed at the oil and gas industry, which currently uses more expensive and carbon-heavy diesel to power drilling operations, as well as remote communities on generators.

The company announced a project agreement with Premier Christy Clark when she visited Dawson Creek in 2014. The plant is located in an industrial area on the west side of town. While construction was expected to begin in late 2015, no major work has begun on the site.

The company expects a maximum of two gas hauling trucks a day at the facility.

The City of Dawson Creek has been invited to submit comments on the proposal. However, the change is small enough to avoid requiring a new development permit from the city.

City staff anticipate the expanded facility will be quieter than the original proposal due to changes in the LNG "train" that liquifies the gas.

The facility will not process sour gas, and the OGC does not expect it will emit noticeable odors.

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