About us Pipeline News

Pipeline News North launched its debut edition January 28, 2011 and offers a free, full colour, monthly print edition focused on the Oil & Gas Industry. Our companion website features a full digital edition of our paper, upcoming stories of interest and up to date articles in the news.

Covering a variety of topics including industry news, innovative technologies, business and personal profiles, safety, community events, environmental initiatives - just to name a few - we concentrate on all progressive aspects of the O&G industry in northern B.C. and Northwest Alberta, from heavy oil to unconventional shale gas, and its associated service industries.

Our sister paper, Pipeline News based out of Estevan Sask., has been a successful and informative supporter of the oil & gas industry for several years and we are affiliated with the renowned JuneWarren-Nickle's Energy Group, owned by our parent company, Glacier Media.

Pipeline News North offers a minimum distribution of 18,500 households and businesses plus digital exposure across the world wide web. If you would be interested in advertising in an upcoming edition, or adding your name to our mailing list, please feel free to contact us www.pipelinenews.ca/contact-us.