Globemaster fly-over a heck of a homecoming for local man

Tyler Thorbergson will make a homecoming appearance in Dawson Creek this afternoon. You won't have trouble spotting him. 

At around noon today, Thorbergson will buzz the town behind the controls of a CC-177 Globemaster 3, Canada's military transport plane.

It will be quite the day for Thorbergson, 36, a captain in the Canadian Forces who grew up in Dawson Creek and was an Air Cadet in 353 squadron.

"It's been his dream his whole entire life," said his sister, Karrlee Thorbergson. "He's known what he wanted to do since he was a little kid."

Thorbergson is with 8 Wing Trenton, the force's airlift arm. He previously served in Afghanistan.

The crew will also fly over Salmon Arm, the home of the co-pilot, Thorbergson said. After that, they're off the Lethbridge for Remembrance Day services. 

For Dawson Creek, the trip serves a dual purpose.

City of Dawson Creek chief administrative officer Jim Chute said the airport had earlier requested a fly-over to test a new piece of equipment.

"We're calibrating a new remote system for navigation at the airport," he said. "In order to do that calibration, they need a fly-over."

"We understand the pilot is local, so he's probably going to put on a bit of a show." 

"He's been working on this for a very long time," said Thorbergson. "So it's probably going to be a very proud moment today for him and his family."

She said Thorbergson plans to make at least two passes of his home town.

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