Bow before the Queens of Sheba

In 1976, a teenager named JoAnne went to a concert in Edmonton, where she saw a little band called Heart open for ZZ Top.

heart2What stuck out most for her at that concert was Ann Wilson, without the aid of any amps or even backing music, belted out Amazing Grace just before the headliner came on stage.

Forty years later, JoAnne ventured to Dawson Creek with her two daughters to see Heart once again.

I am one of those daughters. And it was an amazing night.

The Queens of Sheba tour arrived in Dawson Creek on March 11 with all the rock you could possibly handle in one show.

Opening the show was a little Canadian band, The Mandevilles. Armed with nothing but an acoustic guitar from Nick Lesyk and a powerful, raspy, 1970s-era voice, singer Serena Pryne set the tone perfectly for the co-headliners. It’s not an easy job, being the opening number for those two powerhouse bands, but The Mandevilles did an excellent job.

This led into our first headliner, the godmother of punk herself, Joan Jett and her current band, The Blackhearts.

Jett looked ready to kick ass and take names, launching into the songs we all know and love her for: Bad Reputation, I Love Rock N Roll, and I Hate Myself For Loving You, just to name a few.

heart3We even got to hear the classic Runaways song, Cherry Bomb, performed live and I don’t know about anyone else, but my life was just a little more complete after that.

Which brings us to the ladies we all went to see, Ann and Nancy Wilson, the beating heart of, well, Heart.

I have a deep respect for bands that have the longevity to continue to play for decades, and the Wilson sisters are no exception. Ann’s voice is just as powerful now as it was back in the 70s. Nancy’s stellar guitar skills were proven during a solo before launching into Crazy On You.

The encore was unexpected, but still fantastic as the opening bars for Led Zeppelin’s The Immigrant Song began and Ann launched into the iconic opening scream that even Robert Plant can’t do these days.

Wrapping up with two more Zeppelin covers, No Quarter and Misty Mountain Hop, Heart showed the packed house at the Encana Events Centre that these gals can still rock with the best of them.

As JoAnne and her daughters found out, the Queens of Sheba tour proved that music could transcend generations. And thank goodness for that.

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