Xaxl'ip cyclist making miles to make a difference

Donations welcome in cancer campaign


As Daphaney Doss prepares for some hard miles in her second Great Cycle Challenge cancer fundraising ride, her motivations are part personal and part commitment to a cause that should be motivating for everyone.

Doss has lost two members of her family to cancer, which probably gives her greater insight into the suffering of some of the most vulnerable people who are stricken with the disease–children.

“Every child should not have to live with cancer,” the Xaxl’ip resident said, seated at a picnic table outside the band off just prior to heading out on a training ride.

“They should be out playing, running around enjoying life as it comes. Not having to be lying sick in bed.”

So, she’s doing what she can to help protect them from that situation and to work for positive outcome in the event that such a frightening diagnosis should become reality for the very young.

 Doss will be putting in the miles and the hard, hot work; what she’s asking of anyone who is in a position to help to make a donation to her campaign and help her make a difference.

That’s as easily done as looking up her profile on the Great Canadian Cycle Challenge website at greatcyclechallenge.ca, clicking the ‘donate’ button and finding her profile.

Last year Doss road approximately 250 kilometres and raised $1,300 to help in the fight against cancer.

She’s spreading the word via social media to try to maximize donations for her effort, which she’s determined to carry out in spite of an injury that might make a lot of people think twice about the challenge ahead, and the fact that she’s riding against the clock to complete her quest before an impending surgery.

“I’m looking for a great challenge, to get in shape, strengthen my leg. I have a little bit of an injury, I have a torn meniscus, but that’s not going to stop me. I just have to take it easy and not overdo it.

Doss works four days on and four days off and plans to ride on alternating available days throughout June, when the challenge takes place.

She’s decked out for her training ride in last year’s Great Canadian Cycle Challenge jersey – she needs to raise at least $500 to receive this year’s jersey – and her iPod shuffle. Doss said her riding music is “easy 80s” including the likes of Pat Benatar and the Headpins, although she keeps the volume reasonable so she can listen for traffic.

Her miles will be logged on a variety of routes, including Xaxl’ip to Lillooet, Xaxl’ip to T’sk’waylacw, and anywhere else she chooses in the surrounding area.

“If anybody wants to donate, it doesn’t have to be a huge amount, it can be any amount,” Doss said.

I’m doing it for cancer for kids, so please donate. Look under the Great Cycle Challenge, look for my name, donate, and any amount is much appreciated.”

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