We all need places of sanctuary

We, several friends and I plus dogs, walk almost every day at the Hydro campground or at the Upper Bench Loop across from the Seton Lake lookout.

These trails are easy to navigate and offer differing solace for one’s soul. We laugh, talk, and try to solve the problems of the world while we get some much-needed exercise! The scenery is breathtaking in all seasons. It causes one to pause and reflect on the very extravagance of nature. Tall soaring mountains give off a sense of grandeur, spaciousness and permanence. Trees of different varieties - some shedding their bright-coloured leaves in the fall, others remaining green throughout the year and festooned with pine cones as Christmas ornaments.

The ground can be rocky and filled with many different hues of colour and you need to pay attention to them. The water in Cayoosh Creek tumbles over the rocks, roaring in the spring but beautifully clear, almost begging for one to jump in and refresh. Other parts of the trails are soft with moss and tree needles that mute your steps and add a spring to your gait. Birds of different types call to each other and soar above in the beautiful sky. It’s a place of sanctuary and reflection – a place away from the noise and bustle of our day-to- day world.

So why am I describing to you a place where many of you go to walk? Well, to tell you the truth, I am tired and frustrated. What frustrates me the most is man’s inhumanity to man. How is it that we don’t learn from the past and are doomed to repeat history because we don’t learn?

The news we hear each day is filled with tragedy, crassness, horror, unmitigated selfishness and corruption. There must be a way of putting more light into our lives and thus into the world than humanity is doing right now. There must be a way to offer more civility and kindness; to let go of our self-centredness. There must be a way to find more peace and compassion for each other and a way to reconcile how we are to walk in this world with each other.

I don’t believe we were meant to always be in a state of hurriedness and self-absorption. We were meant to have connections to each other that furthered our life and purpose for good. We were not meant to denigrate each other and put each other in positions of scarcity. We all have responsibilities that can overwhelm and threaten to sink us.

We all need places of sanctuary where we can let go of our responsibilities and take precious time to find the quiet that will help to heal our hearts and minds.

I don’t have any answers to the questions that I have posed except to say I know where my sanctuary is that permits me to unwind. Then I can re-evaluate my life and move forward in light and not darkness.


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