Preston "The Prez" Riley stops opponent in the third round

Some boxing greats have stepped into the ring at Griffins Boxing and Fitness in North Vancouver, including the legendary Muhammad Ali, who trained there.

Recently, Just Do It Boxing’s Preston “The Prez” Riley stepped into the Griffins ring for the Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver’s fund-raising gala Halloween Ball and Casino Auction.

“It was great to compete, great to contribute to a worthwhile cause and great to bring back a hard-fought win for Just Do It,” said Riley’s coach Brian Barker.

Barker told the News Riley proved worthy of the honour to box at Griffins when he stopped Griffins’ own fighter Luke Heras in the middle of the third round.

“The game plan was to weather the shorter Luke`s inside aggression and power, move the feet and use the jab and reach advantage to wear him down,” explained Barker. “Preston stayed with the plan and was rewarded with the chance to counter with a great uppercut, then a hard right bomb that ended the fight for a third round TKO. Luke`s incredible conditioning, energy and aggression never wavered and the crowd applauded  a very entertaining fight.”

Preston Riley is 14, he fights in the Junior Lightweight class and he has been competing in boxing for three years.



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