Jo Ann Hinter

It’s all about perspective. Life is all about perspective. i walk the Upper Seton Bench Loop with my dogs and I usually walk in a counter-clock wise manner. This week I have walked in a clockwise manner which felt very strange. But I began to notice things that I hadn’t taken note of before. The trail felt different and new and the vista was a bit more breathtaking. So, I started to contemplate how life is all about perspective and so are the challenges of life that we all face.

Often, when we have a challenge, we tend to try to solve it the way we have solved other challenges, using the same methods that may or may not have worked before. Sometimes we bump up against a challenge that doesn’t appear to be solvable. It would require a different perspective or… I learned a long time ago to think of all the possibilities that might enable one to solve a challenge. It required looking at the challenge from various angles–like putting the challenge in a glass box and turning it upside down and around to see what the possibilities might be. And, this is important point, jotting down all the solutions from every angle no matter how outrageous they may be. It is hard work but for the most part it can be very successful and provide solutions that we had dismissed.

We face many challenges in our world today–both individually and as corporate humanity. We are experiencing climate change, even in our little corner of the planet. We have many areas of conflict in our world and peace seems to be elusive. We are faced with a growing homelessness challenge and food shortage and affordable nutrition for those who are on or below the poverty line. How do we solve these dilemmas? And even the dilemmas we face in our everyday living.

We can ignore the greater challenges facing humanity or we can change our perspective to help find solutions. Perhaps it is as simple as supporting others who have an idea of how to tackle a challenge we face. Ideas and solutions have a way of taking off if they are ‘watered’ with enthusiasm, care, positivity, and not deluged with criticism, negativity, and it-will-never-work attitudes!

Everyone’s perspective is a little different and some a lot different based on our personal experiences. Everyone’s perspective is valuable to them and needs to be treated with respect and dignity. It is easy to dismiss someone’s idea and a lot harder to accept it and work through the idea for a successful outcome. We face many challenges now as a human race and as individuals around the world. It is time to look at these challenges from different perspectives and gather ideas no matter how outlandish they may be and ‘road test’ them. Let us err on the side of possibilities!

It’s all about perspective. Life is all about perspective.

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