Nk'yap Nukw'an'twal'lhkàlh 

We will help each other

Nk'yap Nukw'an'twal'lhkàlh (NN) was founded by CopperMoon (CM) Communications Inc. and St'àt'imc Eco Resources (SER) Ltd. CM is a 100 per cent First Nations-operated business with 10 years of experience in graphic design, branding, website development, signs, printing, writing photography, video production, social media services and communications planning.

SER is a corporate entity owned by the St'àt'imc. Nk'yap was formed for the purpose of meeting the communication needs of the St'àt'imc Communities, including the need to build capacity among St'àt'imc members in the communications field.

NN is a St'àt'imc company and storytelling is a representation of NN as a "continuation of what Aboriginal people have been doing from time immemorial" and complements the preferred values and styles of communication, consulting and technology solutions.

NN cultivates the notion of St'àt'imc values and upholds Aboriginal peoples' oral traditions and various paradigms to ensure clients obtain successful outcomes. It acknowledges the communication of Aboriginal peoples' culture, history, and values as told by the elders and tribal leaders.

Elders are considered the gatekeepers of wisdom and the conduits for the preservation and renewal of language and cultural tradition. Traditional stories are passed on generationally by elders into the community which become the collective memory and critical conscience of the past experiences shaping their understandings of the social, physical, and spiritual worlds to which a people belong.

Stories are an important way to tap into the hearts of the audience, providing a deeper message based on emotion and understanding. They provide the intergenerational communication of essential ideas. For Aboriginal peoples, storytelling embeds a sense of community that is related to notions of bravery and survival.

NN will feature the voices of the storytellers and their contribution to public culture through the interplay of text, symbol, and voice. NN honors the voice of the people and affirms their cultural and symbolic roles as the gatekeepers of wisdom through the organization of a professional team. Nukw'wan'twal'lhkàlh "We will help each other."

As a St'àt'imc company we will help you organize the informations into a format with a beginning setting the stage, a middle to meet the challenges and an ending to show a new reality. Stories reshape knowledge into something that is meaningful. They are examples of social communication of information and ideas as being an effective social practice.

Through the use of technical tools, graphic and audio dimensions, and the narrative voice, NN offers opportunities for the community of St'àt'imc to identify their challenges so that we can create a storyboard together to build capacity into the community.

NN not only perpetuates key traditions in St'àt'imc culture, but is also conducive for establishing forums where vernacular bridges can be built that enable people to share, celebrate, and understand different values while facing the impacts and challenges upon contemporary realties.

In order to be successful, the company will require the full support of the St'àt'imc Chiefs Council, St'àt'imc Government Services and the St'àt'imc Communities. Specifically, the company will need to rely on available communications work, training and contract opportunities of the St'àt'imc Entities.

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