Candidates out of the gate in federal election


The federal election in Canada officially got underway a week ago today with splashy launches from the main parties, and the first candidates’ debate, albeit sans Prime Minister, is now in the can.

The candidates in Mission-Matsqui Fraser Canyon checked in in the early days of the campaign with thoughts on the early going of the race and on the race that lies ahead.

Green Party candidate John Kidder, was in Lillooet Friday to meet with local voters, including stopping in at the monthly meeting of the Acting on Climate Together (ACT) group.


“I’m feeling pretty good. I’m getting good responses from people around the riding. In the northern parts of the riding with concerns about climate change, about fish, about the river and about employment seems to be what’s driving a lot of people,” Kidder said.

“I’ve seen a lot of local climate activism that I haven’t seen before, especially here in Lillooet there’s this really good group of people who are pushing together to have a local response in terms of adaptation, mitigation and to push for broader systemic changes. That’s really encouraging.”

The other three candidates were campaigning in other parts of the constituency last week and commented via email, including Conservative Brad Vis, who is scheduled to be in Lillooet tomorrow and said the people have been getting behind his campaign.

“I was blown away by how many people answered the call for donations when we ran out of lawn signs before the official campaign even started,” Vis Said.

“The momentum, the mood in the air, is definitely positive. We’re going to keep knocking on doors to engage with constituents to earn their trust.”

Nick Csaszar, running for the People’s Party of Canada, focused more on issues, than the early tenor of his campaign.

“Elections matter, and this one matters more than ever. The average Canadian is feeling ignored by government, more than ever and for a large part they are right,” Csaszar said.

“They feel special interests get the attention, and they don’t.”

Csaszar also zeroed in on what he considers to be government mismanagement of the economy.

“In spite of what is being peddled in the media, our economy is at risk. Stable jobs and futures for all people but especially younger Canadians are disappearing Meanwhile we continue to grow our dept, personally and nationally,” he said.

“Many of us can’t afford a decent life. Many more will never own a home. With $26 billion each year in interest payments to our national debt, we are drowning in it. We need a plan for our future. Hoping and dreaming isn’t enough. We need proven leadership.”

Incumbent Liberal Jati Sidhu was all about the hustings when he checked in on the first day of the official campaign.

“Very exciting time for democracy. Very exciting time for all Canadians. I’m. pleased that the leader of the Liberal Party decided to start the campaign right here in B.C. with thousands of Liberal supporters. I’m looking forward to the campaign ahead of us; healthy debates and continuing conversations with constituents all across the riding,” Sidhu said.

“I’m motivated to have my constituents allow me the opportunity for another mandate so we can keep moving forward and continue on the progress that we’ve made over the last four years.

All for Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon candidates will be taking part in an all-candidates forum at the Lillooet REC Centre on Oct. 8 from 6 to 8 p.m.

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