Two Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up: to Rev. Jo Ann Hinter and the congregation of St. Andrew’s United and St. Mary’s Anglican Church for ensuring there will be a Bells of Peace ceremony on Nov. 11 In Lillooet.

The Bells of Peace is an initiative of Veterans Affairs Canada and the Royal Canadian Legion to remind us of the sacrifice of soldiers who fought for Canada in the First World War known, ironically in retrospect, as the War To End All Wars. It also reflects the joy felt across the natio when that conflict ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month and church bells spontaneously pealed to announce the news. If you hear the bells ringing out on Nov. 11, we hope you will stop and pause to reflect on the free, prosperous and democratic country we live in today and the people who helped make that possible 100 years ago.

Thumbs Up: to Marg Lampman. In our effort to cover all the bases in our Oct. 24 editorial, we did not properly acknowledged the contribution Mayor Lampman made to Lillooet over the years. With four terms on council and one term as mayor she served this community for more than 15 years. No other leader in our modern history comes close to that length of dedicated service.

During all that time there was never a hint of scandal, never a moment when she was guided by self-interest instead of the best interests of our community. And she did so much that never received any coverage or notice. For example, when a new doctor arrived in town, the mayor would drop off a Lillooet swag bag and a bottle of Fort Berens wine which she purchased (taxpayers never paid a penny)  to welcome the newcomer. That is so typical of her – building relationships, being an excellent ambassador for Lillooet in town and out, extending a welcome on behalf of the community she loved and served so well.



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