The future looks bright

When Henry David Thoreau decided to retreat to the woods of Walden Pond, he wrote that he wished to “live deliberately.”We’ve always interpreted that to mean we all have choices and options, that we do not need to wait around for someone else to make things better, nor should we blame others for keeping us from achieving our goals. To us, living deliberately means we have the opportunity to make mindful and thoughtful choices in our lives. Life doesn’t “just happen.”

As residents of this community, we can make a conscious choice to shop locally or spend our money in Kamloops. We can make a deliberate choice to buy lottery tickets or make a donation to the Hospital Foundation or the Lillooet Community Foundation. We can sit back with the PVR remote control or we can volunteer our time and give something back to our community. We can make a decision to welcome new people, new ideas and new energy to Lillooet and embrace change or we can be dragged kicking and screaming into the future.

We elected several new leaders last year – Chiefs Colleen Jacob and Courteney Adolph- Jones, Mayors Peter Busse and Jan Polderman, Councillors Jamie Howe and Jen Leach, SLRD Area Directors Vivian Birch-Jones and John Courchesne and School Trustee Donna Aljam. There’s a definite learning curve for new people in new positions and we hope citizens will cut some slack for these new leaders rather than pouncing on any early mistakes that may occur.

While preparing the Year in Review, we were reminded of all the good news in 2018 as local and area residents excelled at the regional, provincial and national levels. We do not live in a perfect world or in perfect communities but we firmly believe that Lillooet’s future  is much more positive than it is negative. And we can each play a role in creating that positive future.

Happy New Year!



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