Finding common ground

In an election campaign, it’s easy to forget that the common ground we share is stronger and deeper than any divisive campaign issue that may arise. We should not fall into the trap of viewing people who disagree with us as Us and Them. That is damaging and destructive and we cannot afford it in such a small community.

Everyone running for office in this election is doing so because they care profoundly about Lillooet; they believe they have approaches, policies and proposals that can help; and they hope they can make a difference. They are willing to put themselves and their ideas forward for a discussion about where our community is headed. And they are willing to do so despite the toxic environment that has tainted our past politics and discouraged others from seeking public office. For that, we thank all of them.

Their views range from “we’re going to hell in a financial hand-basket” to a more optimistic and confident approach that looks to the future.

This election is about the future. That’s a well-worn cliché because all elections are, essentially, about the future.

Does Election 2018 matter more? In our view, yes.

Over the summer, we were struck by how many people spoke of a new energy and enthusiasm in Lillooet. More economic growth and opportunity is just around the corner, they said. It’s coming up the Sea to Sky corridor from Squamish and it’s coming up the Fraser Valley from Vancouver, they said.

A common sentiment seemed to focus on how we will manage that growth to ensure Lillooet retains the special qualities that make it unique. It’s a good challenge/opportunity to contemplate after so many down years.

We never tell our readers who to vote for. But we strongly suggest that you think of our common future when you vote on Oct. 20.


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