Wrong monster



I thank PJ Reece for writing to alert us all to the circumstance of COVID-19 being deadlier for the elderly than for the young. I don’t know where we could have gleaned this information otherwise, apart from every public health office and mainstream news outlet on the continent.

But the “monster under the bed” metaphor does beg the question: Which dark forces does Reece imagine are trying to convince us that all ages are at similar risk? Is it one or more Deep States? A 5G wireless consortium? Bill and Melinda Gates? Greta Thunberg? Wind turbines? The metric system?

The “monster” I’d understood we were to fear was that all ages are capable of catching and spreading the virus, thereby swamping any health-care system’s ability to treat the most acute cases. If there are no sick people under my bed that’s welcome news, but not a very compelling argument against following public health advice.

David Stow, Elphinstone

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