Where’s the bus schedule?



I am very concerned that BC Transit has stopped issuing hard copy schedules and that this may be a permanent policy. I’ve called the local transit office. I’ve been told that they’ve been inundated with calls and that this was a decision of BC Transit, not a local decision. BC Transit asks us to check the schedule on our computers. This assumes that everyone has a computer or a smart phone. This move is especially badly timed when free computer access at the libraries is unavailable, due to COVID-19. But, aside from this, why should riders have to go hunting up a computer just to find out when the bus leaves?

This is a real slap in the face to the elderly, low-income, and disabled citizens who make up a big chunk of transit’s customers. It is telling people that their necessary appointments aren’t important and that their time isn’t valuable. It is needlessly complicating lives that may already be stressful. This does not encourage the use of public transit.

Whose bright idea was this, anyway?

Anne Miles, Gibsons


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