Two women worth reading


I have just read two books I would recommend to any woman who wants inspiration for International Women’s Day celebrations. Grace: The Life of Grace MacInnis by S.P. Lewis and No Laughing Matter by Margaret Mitchell.

In my opinion there has not been one progressive change in our country that these women were not there for, and no blueprint for a decent common future that they had no hand in designing. During their political careers, Grace and Margaret did not become heroes because of great and glorious victories against impossible odds, but rather through their dogged daily battles fought and lost and fought again. Year after year, they did not give up, refusing to quit or accept defeat.

Pushing for fairer laws and better legislation again and again, they asked for bread, getting only half a loaf, failing that, made do with crumbs and carried on, undeterred.

Our generation of like-minded people can take heart. In our province, our country and around the globe, we have thousands of women like these who are at work today for tomorrow’s better world. I salute them.

Donna Thomas, Gibsons

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