Stocking stuffers for your inner Rambo



I usually don’t pay much attention to newspaper adverts. It’s just not something I’m very interested in. But with last week’s Coast Reporter, a flyer clung to the main paper like a burr to my dog, and before I could say “recycling” it slid out on the table next to my dry toast.

A quick glance between bites and I was riveted: Black Friday Door Crashers at Cabela’s and all my John Rambo dreams burst forth: ammo, camo, spotting scopes, satellite messengers and, best of all, guns, and lots of ’em. BB guns and pop guns for the little ones, and for the big ones – a Santa’s trailer-load of bolt-actions, a short-barrelled pump shotgun and no less than five semi-automatic rifles and pistols.

Tipsy with anticipation, I tossed the cold toast to my pooch and headed online to see if this was really true.

It got better. There, I learned I can acquire one or more of these steel sugar-plums at sale prices all month long at stores from coast-to-coast. So now there’s no reason to skirt around the Guns N Liquor outlets south of the border. Who says we take a back seat to the U.S.?

Of course, I could buy them online, too, but that wouldn’t be as much fun as dropping by an outlet to check out the Varmint rifle or pump-action in person on the test range. My excitement was tempered when I learned I’d have to apply for a Purchase and Acquisition Licence and wait 28 days. That’ll be OK, I suppose. I mean, my holiday booze should be just about drained by then, and, while I don’t hunt, I can dream big about how a semi-automatic rifle or sawed-off shotgun would surely help improve my odds if I did.

Now, I can hardly wait to see next week’s flyers. Happy Holidays.

Michael Maser, Gibsons

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