Prescription for failure



Why is it necessary to require a physician to renew my prescription?

The medications prescribed for me by my family physician will likely be required for the remainder of my life. I reside in Sechelt and for the last four days have attempted to renew my prescription. My family doctor is not available, the two local medical clinics inform me that they don’t see walk-in patients, and the nearest clinic is in Gibsons, a half-hour drive.

I checked their website for operating hours and drove to the Gibsons Medical Clinic only to be told that the physician had left early and was not available.

I realize pharmacists are able to give you a few pills until you see a physician, but I am going to the U.S. for a month.

By no means is this letter meant to attack or discredit the general practitioners of B.C. Rather, it is to appeal to our provincial government to resolve our present dysfunctional and inadequate medical system.

Recommendations to explore:

• Dissolve fee for service for general practitioners. Pay them a salary. A substantial one.

• Have patients in all medical clinics triaged by qualified nurse practitioners.

• Allow pharmacists to refill specific medications.

Janice Wright, Sechelt

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