Mounties deserve thanks



Last week a letter called for abolishing the RCMP and noted Trudeau has said that there is systemic racism within the RCMP. I would like to commend the RCMP on their courage and professionalism. Trudeau, who had to wash off the racist blackface he once thought was so funny, should also wash his mouth out with soap for his foolish comment. If we are going to abolish institutions based on isolated, non-systemic events, then we should abolish the Prime Minister’s office while we’re at it.

In Seattle’s “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” we watched in real time as activists – who are long on rhetoric but seemingly shorts on skills – implemented their police-free utopia. Their summer of love rapidly degenerated into Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, ridden with shootings and other crimes.

Some years ago in Mayerthorpe, Alta., four RCMP officers were murdered by a drug dealer. Why didn’t activists jump on that and petition for an end to drug dealers? The letter writers said the RCMP should have to use less force. I believe when dealing with drug dealers the RCMP should be authorized to use triple the force. Sechelt has a chronic drug crisis wrecking our town and we watch our streets decay by the month. Our RCMP bravely do their best to contain this dangerous plague and deserve our gratitude.

David Rogers, Sechelt


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