Lions deserve thanks



This is not a tirade about climate change, the never-ending water crisis in Sechelt or any other of society’s ills that are causing so much unrest in the world today.

Just the opposite, it is my wish to publicly thank the Lions Club. I am nearly 88 years old and reside at the Lions seniors residence on Ocean Avenue. I want to thank them for providing me with clean, comfortable, and affordable accommodation to spend my last few years in. I am not a Lion; when I was younger and had a family to rear, I worked shift work and had other irons in the fire. I did not think it fair to my wife and children to spend any more time away from home – I wanted to be there as much as possible when they came home with questions for Dad. But now I am old, in the autumn of my life, and I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank the Lions for understanding what community service really is and practising it, unlike politicians who have a great facility for talk. Lions don’t talk, they just do.

Lions, your community service is really appreciated. Any time I see someone with the familiar “L” logo on and a book of raffle tickets in hand, you have a customer.

Fred Allnutt, Sechelt

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