Importance of drawing


Re: “Another Road to Literacy,” Letters, Feb. 5.

Thank you June Meyers for your poignant letter regarding the importance of drawing leading to literacy. During my 35-year career working with colleagues teaching young children, 4-10 years old, we were strong advocates of children drawing. Most children drew daily either in the language or the creative arts area. Since they came from all over the world, we found that drawing was important in communication. Late in my career, I joined with others of like mind throughout the province in the Drawing Network, begun by the late Bob Steele (1925-2018) “to encourage the idea that drawing is a language as important as talking or writing.” Having retired from UBC as associate professor of art, besides starting the network, Bob devoted his time to writing and publishing including several books about drawing. His books, The Drawing Path for Children and A Picture Book of Children’s Drawings, are treasures. To inspire others as Bob inspired me, I write about our children’s drawings in my Honouring the Child books (

Pamela Proctor, Gibsons

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