Imagine upright leaders



When the 2019 Canadian election campaign began, would it have been foolhardy for party leaders to have presented themselves in this way:

“Here I am, here is what I stand for and what I believe in. I am competing for the job of Prime Minister of Canada. I’m not perfect. Being human, I’ve made mistakes and will make mistakes in the future. I will outline my views and intentions and if you like what you hear, I will try my utmost to make them a reality.

“If, along to way, circumstance requires that, for the overall good of Canada, we have to alter course a little, we will do so, but I will first ask the citizens of Canada for their viewpoint, in which case, majority rules. After all, I’ll just be the captain of the ship. It is you who will determine our destiny.

“We have the greatest nation in all the world. Let us continue to keep it that way.”

Being forthright and honest – would that have destroyed his or her chances of becoming elected? I don’t think so. In fact, I think it would have garnered more votes than spending time and money finding fault with the opponents. Now, it is what it is.

Shane Hennan, Garden Bay

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