Died in a loving home



My mother-in-law died at Christenson Village recently, in the familiarity of the room that had been home to her for the past six years. She was lovingly cared for by staff who knew and loved her. My husband and I also benefitted from all hospice offers by staff, who also knew and cared about us.

Margaret was treated with love, respect and dignity while dying. Staff shared our grief, very much their own as well. Hugs were shared readily.

Available staff held an honour guard at the front door as she was wheeled to the vehicle for transport to the funeral home. She was covered with a beautiful Memory Quilt as she exited her room and the building. Respect and dignity for who she was was evident.

Being allowed to remain at Christenson in her own room to die makes so much sense and was so appreciated. We could not have asked for a better end of life for her. No one during end of life deserves to be shuttled away from all that is familiar to them while living in a facility where “total care” is available.

I feel so appreciative that Margaret was allowed to die “at home.”

Sandra Timmins, Gibsons

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