COVID by the numbers



PJ Reece wants us to be scientific and check the COVID data (“No monster under the bed,” Letters, June 26).

So here’s the data. Flu death totals for Canada were comparatively tiny at 224 for the 2019 flu season. Even with vaccination, it is estimated that annual deaths in Canada can reach as high as 500 to 3,500 from flu and flu-caused pneumonias.

Sweden – with a population of only 10 million and no lockdowns – has lost 5,280 citizens so far to COVID-19. This is among the highest death rates in Europe.

Canada – with a population four times that of Sweden, and with restrictions – has lost 8,508 in four months. In British Columbia, with one half the population of Sweden, we have lost only 174 souls to COVID. Clearly that number would be much higher without our restrictions. While COVID-19 may not be hiding under our beds, it certainly is a monster and could be around any corner. Stay safe.

Linda Wilson, Sechelt

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