Lack of ethics on display



In all my years of living as a proud Canadian, I have never felt as threatened as I am today with our current federal government leadership. One of the fundamental requirements of democracy is to have trust, honesty and integrity. The current prime minister has none of these as he so amply demonstrated in his actions against Jody Wilson-Raybould. This young Aboriginal woman made our current prime minister look like a poorly brought up teenager with no understanding or respect for the fundamentals of a democratic society. To make matters even worse for the Liberal party, only one other member, Jane Philpott, stood by and supported her colleague.

Now I understand that the environment, jobs, health care and the economy are all important, but if the leader does not display trust, honesty and integrity then he cannot be believed in his pronouncements regarding any of these matters and is responsible for the beginning of the end of democracy in Canada.

Smug Canadians can point to the leadership south of our border and criticize what is happening there, but they should be more concerned about what is happening here. Why has this prime minister not lifted cabinet privilege for all members to allow the RCMP to fully investigate the SNC-Lavalin affair? He continues to abuse his power by stymieing the RCMP investigation and destroying the values that Canada has been known for.

I sincerely hope, for all honest, law-abiding Canadians, that we have a change in government this October. This will show the Liberal party that the majority of Canadians believe in and support the basic human values of democracy – trust, honesty and integrity.

Brian Hulme, Sechelt

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