New Coopers Green Hall – when?

Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying the summer. We had some awesome days with warm temperatures and of course some cooler ones with much needed rain. We are in Stage 3 water restrictions. For all the details, go to the SCRD website: www:// 

The Sargeant Bay Society will be holding their Annual General Meeting on Thursday, Aug. 20 via Zoom. Members are asked to contact president Rand Rudland for registration prior to the date. Rand advises that only paid members can vote at the AGM so please contact him to confirm at Of course, new members are always welcome so go to to check out their updated website where you’ll find all the information you need to become a member. 

The Halfmoon Bay Community Association has been very busy meeting with local representatives regarding the new Coopers Green Hall and how to proceed. Terry Knight, president, issued an official statement on Aug. 4. Here is an excerpt from that statement:

“Excitement ran high especially among the 385 HBCoA members when it was announced that the federal and provincial Investing in Canada Infrastructure Grant was approved for over $2 million going toward the cost of a new Coopers Green Hall.

“The new design, resulting from community input in the Coopers Green Park Management, several surveys, open houses and a task force made up of a cross section of residents, including the Sechelt Indian Band, confirmed the need for a new hall that included greater capacity, a commercial kitchen and located on the site of the present hall. 

“HBCoA have since had a meeting with the SCRD chair and Halfmoon Bay (Area B) representative to accommodate community needs in a timely way.”

HBCoA fundraising committee directors Brian, Don and Terry also met with MP Patrick Weiler and MLA Nicholas Simons with a presentation that highlighted the many advantages of both the proposed new building and the magnificent site. Communications and meetings are ongoing and all who are involved are working very hard to move forward. It’s been six long years so everyone is very excited to “put the shovel to the ground.” 

The association would like to thank everyone who has donated towards the new Hall thus far. Donations of any size are especially important now as they hope to reach their goal of $300,000. The amount currently is at $245,000. Please contact Terry ( or Don ( for details on how to donate. Also check out their website for the history and updates regarding Coopers Green Hall at 

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