Elphinstone: ‘Take a break, Donna’

Angela Kroning spoke at the November Elphinstone Community Association (ECA) meeting about Streamkeepers and made us aware of the significant problems on Chaster Creek due to over-development. There is an almost non-existent return of salmon this year. We need to do a better job in protecting our fish-bearing streams! 

Director Donna McMahon’s report was well received. She exhausted us with a list of all the committees she’s taken on, including chairing the Regional Transportation Committee. As chair Ron Neilson said, “Take a nice long Christmas break, Donna!”

She told us about the Climate Change workshop she attended in Richmond and will put her report on her website (everything
elphinstone.ca) along with other pertinent information. Donna pointed out that the Gibsons Wildlife Rehab Centre, which provides a huge service to the community, needs more volunteers and monetary support. As a registered charity, people will receive a tax-deductible receipt, so please consider donating. 

Also presented at the meeting was a summary of what was collected from the beach cleanup – over 6,000 kg – which included 20 cubic metres of Styrofoam. Rod Moorcroft showed the plaque commemorating past Area E directors that the ECA board commissioned, to be mounted in Frank West Hall. Covering the past 50 years, it has spaces for another 50 years! 

It’s been a year since Donna McMahon was sworn in as Area E’s Regional Director and residents have commented she’s done a good job of keeping them informed with her monthly newsletters, website and comprehensive presentations at monthly meetings. I recently asked Donna about her first year in office. She says, “I couldn’t be happier with our team at the board. We all bring different skills and perspectives to the table, and it’s clear to me that a diverse group of people who can respectfully disagree make better decisions than any of us individually. I am especially happy to see the level of collaboration between the local governments, which is being reflected in new proposals by both board and staff. We’re actively looking for ways to share resources and improve efficiency.” She went on to thank the Elphinstone community for their support and gave big kudos to the many volunteers, “especially those sitting on the Advisory Planning Commission and the Elphinstone Community Association who organized the big beach clean-up.” 

Chaster House was rockin’ this past Saturday night at the ECA November social. Excellent potluck food was enjoyed by all, and at times it was hard to hear each other over the hubbub of friendly conversation among neighbours gathered from many parts of Elphinstone. Particularly welcomed were newcomers, including some young families, plus, of course, the many old timers. Even some of those old-timers had trouble with some of the Elphinstone quiz questions. Thanks to Marc Beaupre who corrected us on the height of Mount Elphinstone – just over 1,200 metres. 

For my end-of-year column, I hope to mention Elphinstonians who have passed away this past year. Please contact me with any names at elphin@coastreporter.net

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