Can you hear me now?

Last week my model 302 rang and when I picked it up, a disembodied voice informed me of a text to land line message and I could hear it by pushing 1. The 302 is also known as the “I Love Lucy” phone, used in the TV show. It is made of Bakelite, weighing in at just over 2 kilos and was built when the Ink Spots had #1 hits. Being the optimist, I dialed 1. It didn’t work. At the risk of sounding my age, I want to vent about how we have way too many ways to communicate in our modern world. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Messenger (with a message request section I always forget about), text, email (I have two), fax, snail mail, cell phone, landline, Dropbox, Zoom, Skype, with messages falling into the void all the time. Even good old pen and paper isn’t 100 per cent safe; I set fire to a prospective clients’ info by welding too close to it and never did get that job. My email address is at the end of this column and my name is in the book. If you are the one who texted my land line, try one of those two, OK? Vent over. 

The folks the Roberts Creek Childcare Society saved my sanity when my son was in their after-school program for about five years as I kept us afloat, twisting and hammering metal in my studio. Good news for these great people – the Sunshine Coast Community Foundation has awarded a $5,650 grant to them for their work, in partnership with the One Straw Society, to develop a community garden in the Creek. It will connect children and their families with food production and preparation and the resultant bounty will be sold to the Gumboot Restaurant and through local markets. Yay! 

Continuing this weekend through to Sunday is the “Pottery Sale for Unprecedented Times” from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Creek Clayworks, 1738 Lockyer Rd., phone Elaine or Mike at 604-885-2395 or visit for more. Social distancing and masks required. 

Behind the library, it’s Slow Sundays again. This week Michael Maser kicks it off at 1 p.m. followed by Clay Hepburn. At 2 p.m. singer/songwriter Kaishan will entertain and Tube Radio will close the show. 

I am stoked to be bringing the beat to the 219 Friday, Aug. 14, as part of Brothers in Farms’ Local Love All Coast Album Tour. We have been tuning and tweaking this new collection of songs, Possibilities, for some time now and are raring to share them with you. Tickets available at

Saturday and a matinée on Sunday, it’s the Campfire Shitkickers! Next Friday, the 21st, it’s time for Georgia Fats!  Details next week.

Into the Wilde Kitchen menu this week is Kimchi Grilled Cheese! Wild! Order at 604-886-9813. 

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