Solutions to mitigate microwave radiation

Dear Editor,

Some of these solutions to reduce the dire negative effects of wireless technology I have implemented years ago from my tower on Sproatt Mountain and there could be a perceived conflict here, but it's just a logical solution, as I will explain. The wireless providers know that microwave radiation does cause health problems, for instance some prankster's climbed up a tower on Mount Seymour and put a chair in front of the dish the paper reported that this personis now sterile. This is high power over a short period of time but they refuse to deal with low power microwave radiation over long period of time in a serious manner.

1.Doctors are not trained to detect radio/microwave radiationsicknesses (such as low melatonin levels)an awareness program starting with all doctors in Whistler after watching the YouTube documentary Resonance - Beings of Frequency and then they need to submit a proposal to the municipality on how they plan to integrate this new knowledge into their medical practices and since children are the most exposed because they have the least natural protection,because of their skull thickness, make children and parents part of their awareness program.

2. Wireless providers must notify all residences (including work places) within one km of each tower every time a new channel antenna or spectrum is used or changed and a full topographical map of all spectrum polarity and power output should be made available to the public on the municipal web site with a very clear and simple link to this info on the first page.

3. High tower location verses ground level. A good rule to follow in wireless links is to have no obstructions between the sender and receiver so the higher one or both of these links are above obstruction the better and the less power you need for a reliable link and that's what I did from Sproatt Mountain I could get a good link on Wi-Fi at six km when it was only designed for indoor use at a few hundred meters. Also having the link over one km away from any residential areas is a safety margin that statically reduces negative health effects on humans.

4. A full spectrum site surveys of all power outputs, frequencies used and polarity. This should be posted on the municipal web site and be made so layers can be added or removed showing the forms of microwave energy. The municipality should invest in a spectrum analyzer and training and or partnering with Industry Canada as the already have two monitoring sites in Whistler.

5. Mountain to mountain long distance beam shots must have environment impact studies done by neutral/ independent companies not by the telecommunications companies and also answer why they cannot run fiber to remove this microwave link from the environment. The cost of these studies should be submitted to the municipality for billing back to the wireless provider this will help insure that the reports are not slanted one way or the other.

6. Mandating multi polarized antennas in Whistler. Polarity of antennas is important for a good link. As an example if you have a dark room and the door is ajar a few inches if you shine a flash light at the crack and move it up and down this is a proper polarity (vertical),but if one end of the link is horizontal you would only see if you were on the other side of the door little flashes as the light wentside to side past the crack in the door this is a weak link. One of the ways I could get a good link from such a long distance (Sproatt) with such low power is I used multi polarized antennas with spacesheal capture, this is a 360 by 360 antenna so it does not matter what polarity the signal is sent or received in, it will capture and send the signal in the proper polarity and this for mobile application is very important because most tower antennas are mostly fixed polarity and vertical polarized and a cellphone antenna is subject to how you are holding it so to compensate for the miss alignment of polarization they use more power, which then has a even more negative effect on the environment and humans. Furthermore having more surface (two or three times) area to receive the signal on the towers means that the cell phone would use less power to transmit to the cell tower. This was another technique I used. Taking this a step further cellphones should have variable output, if you are next to a tower (strong signal) the wattage coming out of your cellphone is automatically reduced.

7. Wireless providers must provide residential RF shielding for any house/office that wants it within one km of tower. Since there is many times multiple providers on any given tower there should be a provider trust fund set up to provide funding to any one that fits the criteria, this will also include smart meters in the hydro rooms. In my complex, my oldest sons bedroom is right next to the meter room and they just installed 12 smart meter all with a microwave transponders, so there is 12 radios three feet from my sons head when he lays down in his bed. BC Hydro should pay to shield the walls and then this would also block their ability to communicate to the central relay radio in our block. This program seems ill conceived with no independent health studies done to prove that it is or not dangerous to our health.

8. Run municipal fiber to all point of access in Whistler with a 1,000 meg Ethernet connection. People will prefer to have a blazing fast connection that requires to be plugged in their rooms or coffee shops and would be more preferable to a slow wireless connection also this would free up the spectrum for truly mobile applications and reduce the amount of Microwave radiation. Potentially this program could reduce the need for 1,000's of access points and drop the microwave wattages in the air by hundreds if not thousands of watts of harmful radiation. If the municipality's IT department was truly forward thinking they would had contacted Google and be well on the way to being the first ski resort with Google high speed fiber network.

Wireless is used in a very short time span in the evolution of a planet's intelligentlife forms S.E.T.I. The search for intelligent life by listening to radio waves from the universe kind of proves that this technology is quite short lived as they have not found any radio waves.

Make sure that if any of these solution are not implemented or challenged that the public knows who and why. Also research is required to find out what spectrum is harmful. If you say this is out of municipal authority then I say the right to life, liberty and security of the body apply here and the local government has the flexibility to increase the tax rate for wireless providers that don't rise to this challenge.

Finally is there any form of address in the Official Community Plan to deal with this violation of our health and environment? This is one of the many reasons the OCP should be scratched, they did not and do not welcome minds like mine, as I have never found that a lynch mob to be right as a poor analogy goes.

Shane Bennett


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