Put a lid on it

Dear Editor,

On Sunday (Aug. 21), while travelling back from viewing the Meager Creek slide, we found ourselves in the midst of a bicycling event.

It was wonderful watching the families and individuals enjoy a ride on the Pemberton Meadows. Really looked like fun.

Most of the children had helmets on, but basically about two-thirds of the remainder of the riders didn't. I had to count bikes and helmets to make sure what I was observing was true.

I just don't understand it today. We are bombarded daily with how to do things in a safe manner. Seatbelts, bottled water, safe speeds, zero-tolerance drinking and driving, etc. are just some examples.

I remember years ago, after hitting some soft gravel on my road bike, waking up to an RCMP officer asking how I felt. I was a good rider, non-drinker and ended up out cold after going over the handlebars.

My point is: Wear your darn helmet people, because you never know.

Besides, I thought it was the law.

Peter Kirkdale


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