Bravo, Whistler

Dear Editor,On a recent trip to Whistler I discovered, much to my delight, that they are actually generating their own clean energy using run-of-river technology with a minimal environmental impact. Green projects are not only way better for the environment, they are also extremely effective and can be a huge source of revenue.

Sound too good to be true? Countries all over Europe have been steadily switching over to green energy sources like run-of-river and wind turbines for decades already. And Whistler is proving that green energy is not out of reach for us. In fact, B.C. is perfectly positioned to lead the world in green energy production.

The vast natural landscape of B.C. and the resources it provides are a gift that we must utilize as well as care for - not only for us but for countless future generations. It's time to follow the example of Whistlerand start investing in B.C.'s future and in green energy sources like run-of-river, wave, and wind technology.Matthew EnnsVancouver

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