LETTER: Fed up biker | BC

LETTER: Fed up biker

I grew up in Squamish, therefore, I have lived here on and off for years. I have always loved to bike and walk — I do both out necessity as I don’t drive.

I bought my first two mountain bikes in Squamish from Corsa Cycles.

But I’m so fed up with the way you are treated by vehicles when on a bike and/or walking.

Plus, our community isn’t set up properly to bike or walk, with very few sidewalks and or bike lanes.

Riding and walking through Garibaldi Village is a total nightmare because vehicles drive through like race cars. You are always putting your life in your hands.

We have the trail that runs along the highway but you have to cross the road in a couple of spots.

The pedestrian walkway (crosswalk) doesn’t line up with the trail, which is really annoying.

The District of Squamish seems to be able to spend our hard-earned tax dollars on frivolous items, maybe they should use them for necessary things as well.

Suzanne Deminger

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