More political gas

It has recently come to my attention that the provincial government is supporting the lame proposal to electrify the natural gas system with the idea of somehow reducing the emissions into the atmosphere.

Maybe I am missing something here, but aren't we burning all of the gas anyway?

Regardless of how we deliver the gas, it will all be burned by someone. LNG, domestic or industry, it is all the same and we are all breathing the same air the world over. It does not matter if you live in Tibet or Prince George or Timbuktu, we all breath the same air.

Given that, why are we proposing pumping gas with electricity when the gas turbines are already in place?

Does anyone really think that by switching to electricity we will burn less gas? The gas pushed further down the line will get burned by someone anyway.

The net balance of this proposal is less than zero. Not only are we going to burn more gas as production increases, but we are also going to burn electricity to move it somewhere else for someone else to burn.

The electricity that they are proposing to use will come from the new dam on the Peace, which is the bank account for the future use of British Columbians. Should we be squandering it now with the idea of selling more gas?

Incidentally, all that gas that is being burned carries with it liquid plastic and it is all going into the atmosphere. Has anyone proposed a way to mitigate all that plastic, millions of tons of it, going into the atmosphere? That is another story.

Robert Clayton

Prince George