Majority of pot users get their stuff under the table, poll says

During the last online Citizen poll we asked "where are you getting your pot?"

A recent report said B.C. is selling less legal cannabis than every province except P.E.I.

With 223 votes, which is 48 per cent, the most popular answer was "local, under the table supplier," while next with 72 votes and 16 per cent was "government approved vendors."

With 64 votes and 14 per cent was "grow it myself." With 56 votes and 12 per cent of the vote was "friends and family," and lastly with 45 votes and 10 per cent was "online order delivered by mail."

Total number of votes was 460.

Remember this is not a scientific poll.

Next question for the online poll is "should the federal and provincial governments do more to oversee vaping?"

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