Dodging taxes

I watched the first leaders debate and was taken back. During the debate, Andrew Scheer suggested that the Conservatives were good stewards of finances. He strongly suggested that only Conservatives could wisely handle Canadian taxation.

In 2006, Stephen Harper was elected prime minister. The government he inherited from Paul Martin had a surplus. In his first mandate, Harper reduced Business Income Taxes. He also said that these business tax reductions would have a trickle down effect in the economy.

This just didn't happen.

In his second mandate, he reduced personal taxes. The surplus he had in 2002 had disappeared in red ink. We also find in the first year of Justin Trudeau's government that wealthy Canadians and foreign corporations have been using schemes to reduce their taxes. So this goes back to the Conservative government mandates.

I find it strange that Conservatives kick up a stink over SNC-Lavalin and nothing on this evading of taxes. Liberals didn't seem to care also. Makes one question if these two parties gain extra funds from these wealthy people and foreign corporations?

Stan New

Prince George