Birth alerts necessary

The ending of the birth alert seizures will certainly result in an increase of infant mortality from mothers unable to care for their babies as was the reason the program was implemented initially.

The reasoning smacks with political correctness and the infants will be the victims of such a measure. Whether it be native, white, black, or purple does not matter. What matters is the risk infants will be exposed to.

The report is ludicrously false when it says it is a form of violence toward the infant. The very need for such actions will not wane and infants will still be at extreme risk of violence and neglect from their mothers which has already been the case many times in the past and proven. Some mothers are incompetent caregivers, whether due to family history or drugs and alcohol. The reasoning for seizures is still necessary but the new system they put forth will surely produce more infant moralities that fall through the cracks.

Who will be responsible?

Phil Gatehouse

Prince George