Making beautiful music together

Alexis Maikapar, of Russian descent, was born in Munich, Germany in 1946. Five years after the war his family was told to move to Australia. Before that happened, friends of the family wrote them a letter and sponsored them in a move to Quebec City.

In 1951, they arrived in Quebec City not speaking French or English which made it hard for the family. Alexis learned the French language on the street and the English language in school. Twelve years later the family moved to Montreal.

After high school Alexis worked in the insurance business for five years and then he became a Montreal taxi cab driver for five years.

In 1971 he married Claudette and in 1981 they adopted their daughter Barbara.

In 1977, they headed west for work opportunities to pick fruit in the Okanagan and then on to Kitimat where Alexis's brother lived. Alexis worked at Eurocan Pulp and Paper, moved to Terrace, earned his electrical apprenticeship and retired at the age of 62 just before the mill shut down due to the poor market conditions.

The couple divorced in 1989.

In 1991, Alexis married Gisela Williamson and they moved to Prince George in 2012, became active members of the Fort George Baptist Church and the Elder Citizens Recreation Centre. Unfortunately, three years later Gisela lost her battle with cancer and passed away.

Sandy (nee Morrison) Moseley was born in Kimberley in 1941. After high school, she attended college in Victoria and received her teacher's certificate in 1962. She taught school successfully and happily for three years on Vancouver Island in the Campbell River School District. She went back to her hometown and taught for one year in Kimberley when her principal suggested that she go north to Prince George for a greater challenge and more opportunities.

Sandy said, “That was in 1966 and there were indeed many opportunities here in Prince George because that is where I met my first husband Bryan Moseley.

“Bryan and I each lived in apartments with roommates and during this time we all became good friends. The six of us had many good times together and remained friends for over 45 years. We all got married in 1968.

“Bryan worked for Northwood Pulp and Paper for 32 years and retired in 1998. Sadly, he passed away in 2013 after 45 years of a good marriage.

“We had two sons; Robert and Michael (Michelle) and now I have four beautiful grandchildren.

“I taught school for 27 years; 20 of those years were Kindergarten and Grade 1 in Prince George – three years at Quinson, 12 years at King George V and eight years at Seymour.

“Teaching was a great career but retirement is even better. Shortly after I retired in 1998, I joined the choir at the Elder Citizen Recreation Centre and did some traveling on my own. I have always loved traveling and I am thrilled to say that I have been on almost every continent and wintered in California for eight years.

“Even though I loved traveling I always came back to my choir friends at ECRA. Alexis was one of those many friends. We sang together at the farmers market, at care homes and at the senior centre. We had fun with the group and soon we became good friends, then we got engaged and you guessed it – we got married in 2016.”

Alexis volunteers to serenade seniors at many senior facilities all over Prince George. He told me that when he volunteers it is a big boost to his morale, and it brings a smile to the seniors listening to him in the audience.

Sandy concluded by saying, “We have both been singing since we were children and we still love it. I am so happy that my husband has the same love for music as I do. Now we laugh and

say that we make our own music together and we hope that there are many more years to come. Every day is a good day and we are thankful for good friends and a great family.”