Solving the mystery of what’s in the dozens of big white containers at Ogden Point

More than 100 shrink-wrapped containers sitting at Ogden Point are creating a bit of buzz.

“We’ve had lots of calls,” said Brian Cant, spokesman for the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority, noting there’s even been speculation on social media that the mysterious containers are part of a new COVID-19 testing site for the return of the cruise ship industry.

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The containers, all wrapped in white plastic and sitting on blocks, are actually pieces of a modular housing project ­destined for the Sooke area.

They were manufactured in Kamloops by NRB Modular Solutions and shipped to Ogden Point via the Port of Vancouver.

NRB Modular Solutions is part of the Dexterra Group, which builds pre-fabricated buildings for social housing, hotels and other commercial businesses.

Cant said the company has the space at Ogden Point until mid-September.

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