Sidney sets the pace for safety and hospitality

Residents of Vancouver Island have been getting creative with their vacation plans this year, and Sidney serves as the perfect destination to discover for yourself.

Instead of going out of town, some are opting to stay closer to home. For Erin Williams, a stay in a first-class waterfront hotel in Downtown Sidney offers a welcome change of scenery and pace. “I live here, but I am still on vacation,” she says. “I am exploring new things and discovering the treasures in my own back yard.”

While the start of fall is just a few weeks away, taking some time, even just a weekend, to rejuvenate and reenergize remains an important way to slow down and savour our surroundings. “It feels nice to be able to do this again, safely and respectfully. Sidney is such a friendly and beautiful place to visit. While things look a little bit different, I so enjoyed the opportunity to dine at our favourite local restaurant, beach comb at Glass Beach, and shop the afternoon away – it felt, dare I say, normal,” says guest Emma Turkington. “It just feels good to be out the house.”

Those staying at local hotels and inns during this time will see that things look a bit different than in previous visits. Some accommodation updates include contactless room service, employees wearing face masks, intensive room sanitization protocols and physical distancing.

“We’ve implemented rigorous cleaning standards, sanitation throughout the hotel, and we’re even utilizing an innovation called Vital Clean, which includes a full disinfecting routine using Vital Oxide in each guest room. Vital Oxide kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, is safe for you, your children, and pets (ideal for individuals with allergies or scent sensitivities), and is environmentally friendly,” says Denis Paquette, owner of Sidney Waterfront Inn & Suites. “It really makes for a more relaxing vacation when you can set those concerns aside and focus on having a nice, clean, and safe stay.”

While safety remains the top priority, Sidney is open to welcome guests. With no shortage of world-class accommodations, you’ll be sure to settle in and find out why locals love to call Sidney home. From modern, well-appointed hotel rooms, some overlooking the sea, to cozy bed and breakfasts, Sidney offers accommodation to suit any taste and pocket book. All locations are conveniently located in the heart of the town, each offering an array of amenities and friendly service. So, take your pick and enjoy your stay!

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