List of concerns disability advocates have about Accessible Canada Act

A list of concerns disability advocates have expressed about the federal government's Accessible Canada Act:

— Bill C 81 does not include timelines, which advocates say are essential to ensure that key accessibility measures are taken.

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— It imposes no duty on government to use the powers available in the bill.

— While it calls for federally regulated organizations to establish accessibility plans, the bill does not require the implementation of those plans.

— The powers to make accessibility standards and enforce them rests with numerous federal agencies, making the bill's implementation and enforcement less effective.

— It gives the federal government and various federal agencies the power to exempt organizations from a number of important accessibility obligations.

— It does not require the federal government to use its power to ensure that federal money is never used by any recipient to create or perpetuate barriers.

— Under the bill, the key federal agencies that will develop accessibility standards, oversee and enforce the legislation are not independent of the federal government.

— It does not sufficiently address barriers created by poverty and intersectional discrimination, or barriers experienced by Indigenous and First Nations persons with disabilities.

— It does not recognize ASL/LSQ as the official languages of people who are deaf.

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