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Teacher suspended after profanity-laced tirade in classroom

A Vancouver high school teacher who delivered a profanity-laced tirade in the classroom was suspended for three days.
A Vancouver teacher was suspended for shouting profanities at students in the classroom and another was suspended and later resigned after having an inappropriate relationship with a student.

A Vancouver high school teacher who delivered a profanity-laced tirade in the classroom was suspended for three days. 

On April 3, Maple Fun Sun Low was teaching a Grade 12 English class in an unnamed school in the Vancouver school district when he noticed five female students playing cards before class started. 

Believing the girls were still playing when he was handing out papers to the class, Low went off on one of the students in the class. 

“Turn around so that you can listen. F— this. You guys are f—ing bitches and you should go to a coffee shop if you want to play cards,” Low said, according to a consent resolution agreement from the B.C. Commissioner for Teacher Regulation. 

He called the students disrespectful and rude, and said they would get nowhere in life and should leave his class. 

When one of the students told Low she was “shook,” he replied: “You should be, f—ing bitches,” said the report. 

The students said they were shocked and embarrassed by the incident which occurred in front of the entire class. One of the students was reduced to tears.

On June 15, Low was suspended without pay for three days. He also agreed to complete a conflict management course by Sept. 1. 

In a separate incident, a former Vancouver teacher was disciplined after acting inappropriately with a Grade 12 student at the school between January and March 2013. 

Hsu Yang Cheng sent inappropriate texts to the student, told her he loved her, and wrote a note pretending to be her parent excusing her absence from the school. The 17-year-old girl was not Cheng’s student. 

“Are you coming to (school) today? Every day less brighter without your presence,” wrote Cheng in one text.

In another, he wrote: “Put on some make up and see how beautiful you are.”

Cheng also took the student shopping on two occasions and brought her gifts worth $4,000 including shoes, clothes, a wallet, headphones and a cellphone.

He also looked up her address in the school’s database and drove by her house on at least two occasions. He drove her to personal appointments on at least three occasions. 

Cheng was suspended with pay on April 11, 2013 and resigned in June. 

A separate complaint against Cheng also detailed how he had shared previous student projects with students in a Grade 12 information technology class in 2013. The previous projects included homophobic slurs, swearing, gun violence, and the trivializing of sexual violence toward women.

Cheng’s teaching certificate was cancelled in 2014 because of nonpayment of fees. In the conflict resolution agreement signed by Cheng and the commissioner, which only concluded last month, Cheng agreed to not apply for a teaching certificate in the future.