Letter: Move out of Powell River or step aside

Bravo and loud applause for last Friday’s viewpoint [“A true opportunity,” March 13].

This town has to grow. All you hear about is the mill, mill, mill. It's going down, has been for years; it's not the moneymaker it once was that sustains this town, but the old guard here hates change, any change.

It's sad to hear Sino Bright is pulling out of the deal because of racist comments from narrow-minded, ignorant people. It takes a lot of guts to come to a strange country, learn the language, start a business and contribute to the community.

Years ago and still a little to this day there was/is a class divide in this town. It has only become less this way because the old guard is dying off. If you didn't work in the mill you were thought of as less a person, looked down on. My dad was subject to this as well being a kid growing up here.

You weren't in the right class, didn't have the money to afford all the fancy things or go places their dads’ offered. I never cared for that, still don't, but if it wasn't for my family, my “logging” family, what work would you cake eaters have had?

The old guard and a few others are ruining this town for trying to keep it in what they call the “glory days.” Guess what? Times change and so do people, and it's time to step aside and let the newer generation make this town their own.

The small-town, narrow-minded cliquishness has to stop. The town will die and be another Ocean Falls.

In order for Powell River to survive it has to be inclusive, bringing in young and newer ideas, diversify ethnically as well as expand into other sustainable avenues for business opportunities.

This town is full of friendly people who want this, so shut up, move out or step aside. Give the newer generation its shot.

Cindy Ling
Serendipity Road

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