Why you need a Realtor® in a hot market

With the Vancouver real estate market currently on fire, does it still make sense to hire a Realtor® to sell your home? After all, there is no shortage of demand.

We asked Vancouver Realtor® Erik Carlson, who explained why a Realtor® absolutely makes sense in a hot market.

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“Selling a home is one of the most important transactions the average person will complete in their lifetime,” says Erik. “And there are a lot of variables, regardless of the state of the current market.”

To maximize the opportunity, he says, sellers need the advantages a Realtor® can bring; current, in-depth and accurate market knowledge, proper positioning based on comparable properties, an aggressive and broad marketing plan, and efficient, dedicated execution of the process.

“The business of selling homes requires knowledge, experience, and the right tools,” says Erik. “Your Realtor® should provide all of that, saving you time, money and likely a lot of stress.”

Even experienced homeowners who may have sold properties before often struggle to put together a Comparative Market Analysis, he says. And that can make a big difference in realizing the greatest return on your sale.

“A CMA details information on sold and active listings in your neighbourhood,” Erik says. “Finding active listings is easy for the public, but the most vital data, sale prices, is easily accessible only to Realtors®. With a proper CMA and our expertise, you’ll have the best information to properly price your property.”

Another important reason to work with a Realtor® is the Multiple Listing Service. Input of listings into the MLS® is open only to Realtors® and is updated constantly, serving as the definitive resource for properties for sale in the Vancouver market. As one of many tools at their disposal, a Realtor® uses the MLS to find properties for their clients, or to help market a property for sale.

“Your property deserves full exposure to the market and there’s no better way than through the power of the MLS®,” says Erik. “That said, don’t accept a ‘put and pray’ marketing plan. Other marketing aspects like quality of photos, network, social media use, and presentation skills will enhance or diminish your sale price.”

Home owners searching for the right Realtor® can check out RealSatisfied.ca, a third-party Realtor® review service.

“From first meeting to completion, a good Realtor® is looking out for their client’s best interests,” says Erik, who sports a 4.8 out of 5 rating. “A successful sale depends on using all available methods to generate the best offers possible.”

For more information about Erik Carlson, call 604-719-1501, or email. You can also visit Erik online or connect with him on Twitter and Facebook.

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