Good, clean fun: 5 signs of a tidy play park

Indoor play parks are designed with kids in mind, but many don’t focus on keeping the facilities clean enough for parents on the lookout for clean, safe environments for their children.

Children might not care about the dirt and grime they’re exposed to, but adults certainly do. That’s why it’s so important to find a facility that is well maintained, according to Morey Chaplick, owner of Sky Zone Trampoline Parkin Surrey.

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Chaplick prides himself on his spotless indoor trampoline park and considers cleanliness one of the most important aspects of his- or any other- facility.

“This is an air-conditioned facility that is cleaned relentlessly,” he says.

There are five signs of a clean play park, according to Chaplick:

1.     Smell. Stale air or even worse, the scent of feet, can be incredibly unwelcoming to anyone who walks through the doors of an indoor play park. It also indicates the facility is not being cleaned properly. Good air circulation is essential in any place where many people congregate, particularly when the majority of those people are children.

2.     Floors.Dirty floors are a bad sign anywhere, but especially where children are at play. If you notice the floors are dirty, dingy, or in bad shape, it’s probably time to take your kids elsewhere.

3.     Tables and other surfaces. Many play parks have concession areas, with treats and meals to keep kids energized. But if the eating area is messy, with food and containers strewn about, it doesn’t bode well for the overall cleanliness of the facility.

4.     Play equipment. The most important part of any play park is, of course, the equipment. Is it safe, maintained, and clean? At Sky Zone, the staff clean the trampolines with special sanitizers every day. Children shouldn’t have to crawl through muck or grime to have a good time.

5.     Leading by example. The owner and managers of any play park are very busy people but if they care about the facility, they care about keeping it clean. Chaplick wipes tables himself and always tidies up as he goes through his indoor trampoline park. That way, his staff know it’s a priority for him.

You should expect any play park to be frequently cleaned and inspected. Not sure? Don’t be afraid to ask questions about how the facility is maintained before paying the entry fee.

For more information about the cleanliness standards at Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Surrey, call 778-395-5867 or visit their website. Sky Zone in Surrey is at 11125-124th Street, across from Scott Road SkyTrain station. The indoor trampoline park can also be found on Facebook.

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