Love reading mysteries? Check out this new offering from a New West author

A New Westminster author has just released the first in what’s planned to be a new mystery series.

Winona Kent’s Notes on a Missing G-String was released on Aug. 2. The novel features professional jazz musician-turned-amateur sleuth Jason Davey.

The character first appeared in Kent’s novel Cold Play, where Davey was entertaining passengers aboard the Alaska cruise ship Star Sapphire. He then appeared in her novella Disturbing the Peace, on the trail of a missing musician.

Notes on a Missing G-String is the first novel in what Kent now plans as a mystery series. This time, he’s investigating the theft of £10,000 from a dancer’s locker at a Soho gentlemen’s club.

“Jason initially considers the case unsolvable. But the victim, Holly Medford, owes a lot of money to London crime boss Arthur Braskey and, fearing for her life, has gone into hiding at a posh London hotel,” says a synopsis of the book. “Jason’s investigation takes him from Cha-Cha’s and Satin & Silk (two Soho lapdancing clups) to Moonlight Desires (an agency featuring high-class escorts) and finally to a charity firewalking event, where he comes face to face with Braskey and discovers not everything Holly’s been telling him is the complete truth.”

It’s available online in e-book and paperback format through Amazon.  

Intrigued? Find out more about Kent at

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